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The birth weight chart is important in monitoring the child’s development. Based on the basic parameters shown in the table, mothers can make a preliminary assessment of the child’s health status (overweight, obesity, malnutrition, …) to figure out how to take care of them. properly raise children. To better understand the standard height and weight of children as well as solutions to help children achieve the ideal height and weight, let’s learn this article together.

baby weight chart

1. What does the baby weight chart show mean?

Newborns are in a stage of development and maturation both physically and mentally. Therefore, monitoring the height and weight of the newborn is a very important thing that mothers need to do to have a good child care book, to ensure normal metabolic activities in the body. normal and healthy.

From the table of height and weight of babies, mothers know nutritional status of children. From there, there are measures change or adjust your diet age appropriate children according to the recommended needs. With children with undernourished, overweight or obese, Mothers should consult a doctor or nutritionist to develop a reasonable daily thực đơn for children, improve weight, enhance height development, …

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The newborn weight chart reflects the nutritional status of the child through each stage, helping mothers adjust the care for the child appropriately, contributing to promoting the child’s comprehensive physical and mental development. .

2. Factors affecting the height and weight of babies

The height and weight of the newborn are influenced by many factors such as

2.1. Heredity

  • Many studies have shown that the height of babies is influenced by genetics. However, not completely, if mothers have a reasonable way of taking care of their children, the height of the children will also be improved.
  • In addition, in the case of parents suffering from overweight, obesity, dyslipidemia,… the baby born will also be affected (weight of newborn tends to increase).

2.2. Maternal health during pregnancy and lactation

2.2.  Mother's health during pregnancy and lactation 1

The health of the mother during pregnancy and lactation greatly affects the height and weight of the newborn.

  • If the mother Not eating enoughchildren are undernourished, leading to weakness, low birth weight and Malnutrition.
  • Besides, if does not provide adequate vitamin D, calcium, … It is very easy for children to get sick rickets or underdeveloped skeletal system, short, short, …

2.3. Improper nutrition

  • Children are not provided with adequate nutrients, Special and vitamins and minerals (vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus, …) makes the metabolic activities in the body take place abnormally, the body is tired, anorexia, leading to malnutrition. Therefore, it affects the growth of height and weight of babies.
  • Children absorb too much lipid It is very easy to cause a disorder of blood lipid metabolism, lipids are deposited in organs and organizations, causing this phenomenon overweight, obese. In addition, it also increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases in children.

2.4. Children are sick

  • The child care is not good (feed the baby with milk) improper storage, do not keep children cleanthe influence of the surrounding environment such as smoke, dust, pollution,…) is very easy for children to get infections and infections. When faced with this condition, children often anorexia, fatigue, nutrients are not well absorbed, causing weight loss of children.
  • In addition, some children with sickle cell anemia, congenital diabetes mellitus,…also affects the ability to absorb nutrients, weight loss.

The height and weight of the newborn is affected by many factors such as: genetics, mother’s health, nutrition, medical condition, etc. Therefore, mothers need to understand and eliminate these factors. This factor helps children develop well and achieve the standard height and weight.

3. What does the infant’s height and weight chart show?

Tracking the height and weight of the newborn is very necessary, through which we can see the nutritional status of the child.

Below is a table of the standard height and weight of babies according to WHO

3.1. WHO standard birth weight chart

weight standard table

3.2. WHO standard height chart for newborn babies

standard height table

  • Usually, in the table of height and weight of babies, basic parameters such as: Months of age:
  • Based on the month of age, we know the height and weight of the newborn over time so that we can adjust the nutrition accordingly. Sex:
  • Boys and girls have different height and nutritional needs. Weight and height by sex:
    • According to WHO, the table of height and weight of newborns shows 3 parameters such as average weight TB:
    • Average weight/height index of normally developing children. SD:
  • Standard deviation, allowing the child’s weight/height to shift within this range.
  • If the child’s weight/height is below -2SD, it shows that the child is losing weight and malnourished. Therefore, mothers should consult a doctor or nutritionist about changing the diet for children.
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If the child’s weight/height is above +2SD, it is a sign of overweight, obesity/too tall. Therefore, mothers need to adjust their children’s nutrition accordingly.The table of standard height and weight of infants needs to fully show the parameters of age, sex, and standard weight of the newborn (average weight of normally developing children

), average height for each age, threshold values ​​(upper and lower values) indicate malnutrition, weight loss or obesity. [WHO] ” See more:

Standard height and weight for babies – updated 2020

4. How to correctly determine the parameters in the table of infant height and weight?

The table of height and weight of infants reflects the nutritional status of children through each stage. So how to determine the right parameters? Here are some tips for moms.

4.1. How to calculate the age of a newborn?

According to WHO (World Health Organization), children who are 30 days old are counted as full month.

  • 4.2. Height determinations for babies If youngunder 24 months old
  • i then the mother needs to determine the lying length of the child. If young 24 months old and up

When you grow up, you need to determine your standing height.4.2.  Height determinations for babies 1

When should calcium supplements for children?

  1. a. How to measure lying length?
  2. Place the ruler on a horizontal plane
  3. Remove shoes, hats, etc., as they may affect the child’s length measurement.
  4. Lay the child flat on the board of the ruler.
  5. The child care assistant looks straight ahead, lets the child’s arms stretch freely, and the child’s head touches the base of the ruler.

The measurer holds the child’s feet close to the bar running on the ruler. Read the result and record the measurement in cm with an odd number in the decimal (eg 45.8 cm). End of measurement.

  1. b. How to measure standing height?
  2. Place the child’s ruler on a vertical plane, against a table or wall, etc. make sure the ruler is stable and perpendicular to the horizontal plane.
  3. Take off shoes, hats, etc. to avoid affecting the measurement results.
  4. Let the child stand in the middle of the ruler, put his feet in a V shape, lean on the ruler so that his heels, calves, buttocks, shoulders, and head are close to the ruler.
  5. The child’s eyes are looking straight ahead, his hands are relaxed at his sides. Measurement assistant:
  6. One hand holds the child’s pillow, pressing the pillow together; One hand holds the ankle so that it is pressed close to the ruler. Measurer:
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Hold the chin with one hand so that the child’s head is straight and close to the ruler; One hand presses the slider close to the child’s head. Read measurement results.

4.3. How to determine your baby’s weight? To determine the baby’s weight, mothers can use scales such as: Seca 890 . electronic scale (The scale has the function of a mother holding the baby, very convenient when weighing the baby), Omro scale (multi-function electronic scale, can calculate both BMI index, measure % fat mass

of body,…),…

  1. a. Steps to determine newborn weight by SECA . electronic scale
  2. Start the scale, wait for the balance to stabilize (the screen no longer flashes but shows 0.0 kg), then proceed to weigh. Place the child on the scale gently and carefully. Note:
  3. Take off shoes, hats, toys, … before weighing.
  4. Read display number. In case the child has not taken off his clothes, the clothes need to be weighed, minus the tare.

4.3.  How to determine the weight of a newborn baby 1

baby scale with electronic scale

  1. b. For SECA electronic scales with mother-carrying function
  2. Start weighing.
  3. The mother stands on the scale, the screen displays the mother’s weight index (write the mother’s weight). Then the weigher presses the reset button to return the display to 0.0 kg indicating that the scale has been adjusted.

Next, the mother picks up (holds) the child, the weighing screen will display the weight of the child. Wait until the result displayed on the screen stabilizes (the screen stops flashing) then record the reading with an odd number (eg 20.5 kg). In case the child does not take off his clothes, the weight can be subtracted (ie, subtracting the weight of the child’s weight from the weight of the child’s clothes).

To determine the standard height and weight for babies, mothers need to choose appropriate measuring tools/devices. Besides, before weighing / measuring the height of children, mothers need to remove objects (shoes, sandals, clothes, hats, …) because it will affect the results and make the results. incorrect. In addition, when determining the baby’s age, mothers need to count the days, that is, when the child turns 30 days old, it will be counted as 1 month old.

5. How to help babies reach the ideal height and weight

  • The standard for height and weight of babies through each stage is different. Therefore, to help babies always reach a reasonable height and weight, mothers need to Make a weight chart
  • infants in each stage, note the child’s condition in those stages (sickness, pain, anorexia, …) to adjust the child’s nutrition appropriately. Building a reasonable diet for children:

5. How to help babies reach the ideal height and weight 1

  • Building a scientific diet Besides, mothers should also Consult a nutritionist
  • about the daily thực đơn to supplement the children reasonably, avoiding the situation of supplementing too much or too little.Encourage children to be active
  • Physical activity: Being active not only helps children grow in height, but besides, it also helps children consume energy, stimulates children to eat better. Personal hygiene, clean environment:

Personal hygiene and a clean environment will help eliminate factors that cause illness for children such as smoke, dust, bacteria, viruses, etc. Thus, helping children develop well and prevent diseases in children.

The weighting of babies according to each stage of development, building a reasonable diet for children, personal hygiene and a clean environment, in addition to encouraging children to move more will help improve the quality of life. improve, maintain the baby’s height and weight at an ideal màn chơi.


The above article helps mothers understand clearly the role of establishing a baby weight table in each stage as well as the necessary parameters, how to correctly determine the height and weight of the child. Hopefully, mothers will establish a reasonable diet for their children, helping them to achieve the standard height and weight.

» Reference: Live, target-attached probiotics – The golden key for children’s development

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  2. Uofmhealth
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Pharmacist Huong Giang graduated from Thai Binh University of Medicine and Pharmacy, has many years of experience in the field of pediatrics, especially in the fields of gastroenterology, nutrition, pediatric dermatology. Currently, Pharmacist Huong Giang holds a consulting position at Imiale Vietnam.

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Bảng cân nặng trẻ sơ sinh nói lên điều gì?

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#Bảng #cân #nặng #trẻ #sơ #sinh #nói #lên #điều #gì


#Bảng #cân #nặng #trẻ #sơ #sinh #nói #lên #điều #gì


#Bảng #cân #nặng #trẻ #sơ #sinh #nói #lên #điều #gì


#Bảng #cân #nặng #trẻ #sơ #sinh #nói #lên #điều #gì


#Bảng #cân #nặng #trẻ #sơ #sinh #nói #lên #điều #gì




#Bảng #cân #nặng #trẻ #sơ #sinh #nói #lên #điều #gì

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